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Volt Switch is an incredible tool to help you manage your truck or your entire fleet. With the simple, easy to use platform, you can cut costs, manage your trucks and drivers, optimize routes and more.

Volt Switch GPS Track your fuel consumption

Start cutting costs now. The VoltSwitch GPS platform can estimate your trucks fuel consumption based on the travel distance and the type of trucks you use for your fleet. You’ll have access to refueling data and efficiency issues at your fingertips. If something is off, you’ll be notified by email or with an SMS text immediately.

Want to know more about Volt Switch? Contact us today.

We export commercial truck parts worldwide

Would you like to see a new program added to our product offering? Please send your suggestions to the Product Support Team at: PARTS@KENWORTHSF.COM


Product Category Product Index Page Fab Sheet (If Available) Non-Proprietary Suspension Meritor Hutchens Suspension Meritor Hutchens Suspension FAB Sheet Non-Proprietary Suspension TRP Torque Rods Coming Soon


Product Category Product Index Page Fab Sheet (If Available) Accessories Trux Accessories Exhaust Products Coming Soon Shop Supplies Schumacher Electric Sell Sheets & Catalog on DealerNet Page Shock Absorbers Monroe DSP Pallet Program Accessories Road Gear Catalog & Brochure on DealerNet Page


Product Category Product Index Page Fab Sheet (If Available) Air Springs DSP Firestone Pallet Program Non-Proprietary Suspension Hendrickson Traxx Rod Hood & Fender Parts TRP Air Cleaner Housing Coming Soon Clutch TRP [...]
Time is Running Out. Take Advantage of These Great Savings on Fuel Tanks, 50 Gallon Drums of Coolant, Heaters, Cummins Annual Overhaul and more, but only until December 31st, 2018.

Winter Savings


Even More December Savings on Paccar and TRP Parts for your Kenworth Truck

We stock a huge selection of OEM parts and aftermarket parts from Kenworth, Paccar, TRP and more. Check out these great December savings on seats, aluminum wheels and fuel tanks, heater cores, lubricants and coolants, lights, batteries and more.

TRP Parts specials for Kenworth and Peterbilt Trucks

We stock a huge selection of OEM parts and aftermarket parts from Kenworth, Paccar, TRP and more. Check back often for specials like these Peterbilt Door Handles and Kenworth Tool Compartment Door Handles. Look for the very best deals of the season at your nearest Kenworth of South Florida location.

December Sales Flyer

Is it time to replace your worn out seat?

Everyone knows that over-the-road tractors are meant to last for a long time with quality engines and transmissions that can literally go for a million miles. Sometimes the trucks outlast some of the other parts and accessories on the truck. That’s were the pros at Kenworth of South Florida’s parts department come in.

Commercial Truck Seats


We stock a huge selection of quality OEM commercial truck parts and some of the best quality parts available from excellent manufacturers like Seats Inc. Their seats are literally designed to “Fit Every Body”.

Aftermarket Commercial Truck Seats - On Highway


You can order your next seat or pair of seats and have them shipped directly to you from our parts department. Sowm of the best aftermarket seats [...]

<h3>Work Zone Equipment Focused on Worker Safety</h3>

Stay Safe Equipment is dedicated to eliminating highway construction zone fatalities
by designing and producing products that address the need for enhanced safety.

Be sure to read the full story about Stay Safe Equipment



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